Trip to the channel opening of the „Langer Trödel“

Here are a few impressions of a channel Opening.

The photos are from opening ceremony of the channel “Langer Trödel”.

The western part of the “Finowkanal” (near Eberswalde) between Zerpenschleuse and Liebenwalde is called “Langer Trödel”. “Trödel” and also “Flut” were also designations of the first Finowkanal between the city of Liebenwalde and the river Finow (near Schöpfurt) back in 1609.

With the decommissioning and filling of the two Zerpenschleuse locks in the years 1924/1925, the “Langer Trödel” became a 10 km long impasse. The name is a pun derived from the German verbs “treideln” (towing) and “trödeln” (dawdle). After 3 years of expansion work the “Langer Trödel” is open to boat traffic again since 16th June 2016.

Source: Wikipedia