Discover and enjoy the beauty of nature with canoes

Canoe kayak

Kanu-Kajak-Kanadier-Boot-Yacht-mieten-02Beauty of nature with a canoe or a SUP.

You can discover and enjoy the beauty of nature with a canoe. Experience the natural lakes as well as the impressive lakes of the so-called clay pit landscape during your relaxing tour along the Havel.

Let yourself be charmed by Brandenburg’s beautiful landscape and fauna, including herons, beavers, kingfishers, raccoons and many other animals. We hold canoes (for one or two persons) or Canadians (for four persons) for you.

Our selection:
3-star Canadians, 4-person Canadians, 2-star kayaks, high-end-SUP’s.

A Canadian (also Canadier) is a mostly open canoe, which is sitting or kneeling and is moved with strollers. Traditionally, Canadians are equipped with benches. From the sitting position, the thighs are spread laterally in the trunk. Our Canadians are suitable for families and offer themselves by a lot of storage space for luggage for longer trips. The Canadians are tipper-proof thanks to their keel, so you can more easily keep their lane in the water

The kayak (also a paddleboat) is a boat type, which is driven by a double paddle and whose occupants sit in the direction of travel. It is usually closed except for a small hatch as an entrance to the top and in its construction much flatter and narrower than a Canadian.

The right equipment for canoeing:
Sun protection cream, sunglasses, headgear, rain protection, spare clothing, arresting shoes, card with course and exit points, waterproof luggage containers, sufficient provisions, non-alcoholic beverages, first aid kit, mosquito spray

We will provide you with the following equipment:
Water cards, lifejackets, water tanks, packsacks, paddles (paddles, double paddles), fastening lines

If the Canadian or kayaks are handed over, you will receive a detailed instruction in the vessel and the equipment. You will get important information about the Havel waterreviation, the natural conditions, the regulations, possible entry and exit points, nice resting places and places of interest.