Port regulation

Currently valid port regulation of the marina "Alter Hafen" and the marina "Neuer Hafen" at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg in Brandenburg.

Port regulation im PDF-Format (only german)...

  • 01. Visitors to the port will be asked to register with the harbor master.
  • 02. The use of the equipment of the port is included in the mooring fee. The applicable rates are posted publicly. Additional services please arrange with the harbor master.
  • 03. The operator of the port facility are not liable for damage to property and injuries of guests in the port area, unless they are caused by direct action. Entering the jetty of the terrain and the other facilities of the port at your own risk.
  • 04. Guests of the port are required to secure your property against use, damage and theft by foreign persons themselves. The operators do not come on for cases of this kind to the property of guests.
  • 05. We ask you to treat our equipment and plant care. Boats and other vessels are seamanly safely moor at the existing bridges and booms. For damage and loss of facilities and equipment of the port operator by negligence and improper conduct (for example the berthing, mooring and drop) the polluter liable. When risks arise, the port facility to the property of guests, the operators reserve safeguards. The resulting costs are charged to the customer.
  • 06. The port staff carry out regular checks of occupied berths. Please leave the harbor master a message if you leave the port for a long time, so you can be reached in an emergency.
  • 07. Motor vehicles and trailers must be parked at the designated places. The parking charges are payable at the harbor master. The parking card has to be placed insight your car.
  • 08. The discharge of sewage into the harbor and the use of on-board toilets without waste water tank is not allowed.
  • 09. The maximum speed in the port is 5 km/h.
  • 10. Live and sleep on parked ashore boats is not permitted for safety reasons.
  • 11. The swimming and fishing in the harbor area is not permitted.
  • 12. Fill up with own fuel is not permitted; please use the gas/petrol station only.
  • 13. The area is controlled by cameras for security reasons only. The copies will be not stored.

Should you have any questions or requests, please contact the harbor master.

Mildenberg, 01.01.2021