Shipyard work

Boot-Yacht-mieten-chartern-Werft-Dock-Marina-Holzpflege-05Our marina offers you a complete shipyard work around yacht and boat in our dock. We have a competent harbor crew, who are from trained boat builders and related professions.

During the boat storage in winter we offer a complete overhaul of your boat.

Cleaning the boat’s hull should be a must before the winter storage of your boat.

We also offer a clearing service so that your cushions will not be damaged in winter. In the repair hall, we perform wooden work, interior work and reconstruction work of all kinds. This can be anything from a refit to a new deck layout.

We carry out the removal of moisture damage and mold permanently, so that you have as long as possible from your boat.

In addition to wood preservation, pickling and wood sealing, we also put special paints, underwater paints or new paint on deck and on boats and yachts in our paint shop.

Our service for winter guests or long-term guests includes, if desired, the cleaning of the underwater vessel, the winter fixing of your engine, your tank or your batteries. In addition to overhaul and maintenance, we repair damage, carry out refit work, painting and repairs.

Other services include conversions, fixtures, stainless steel work, welding and woodworking, engine service and general technical maintenance.

For all other activities please contact us.