Attractive Piers

Interesting piers for boats and yachts.

Here is an overview of some attractive piers offering special attractions or shopping facilities for your trip.

Templin Wild West Town „EL DORADO” (ca. 30 km)
Starting from our Mildenberg marina, you go up the river Havel. Just before the watergate "Schleuse Schorfheide" you reach the turn-off "Templiner Gewässer". You pass the watergate "Schleuse Kannenburg" and set course, via lake Lankensee, for lake Röddelinsee. At the right side rivershore you are awaited by "Billy the Kid" and "Buffalo Bill"! in the Wild West Twon "El Dorado". Convenient landing piers can be booked at Biberburg-Tours, contact Mr. Rainer Schimke, phone +49-(0)3331-21288, mobile phone +49-(0)171-9304137,

Templin Lock (ca. 30 km)
Continuation of the trip through the Templin canal to the Templin watergate. The city of Templin is particularly delightful with its historic district with completely preserved town wall. Also the "Saint Mary Magdalene Church" with its watchtower is worth seeing. A favoured meeting point for health-conscious people is the natural thermal bath of Templin. Those who prefer to move faster can prove their skills on the action-packed go-cart track. Cafés, restaurants and shops in the city invite you to stroll and to enjoy. Landing piers can be found at the old-town port, just behind the watergate, or at the city port Templin. Contact: City Port Templin, phone +49-(0)3987-53661

Regow Lock (ca. 30 km)
If you do not sail onwards in the direction of Templin but, instead, further up the Havel, you will reach the self-service watergates Schorfheide and Zaaren. At the Regow lock you can visit the goat cheese factory "Capriolenhof". The next watergate along this route is Bredereiche.

Himmelpfort (ca. 35 km)
On it goes in the direction of lake Stolpsee. Here you can land at Himmelpfort: Stolpesee boat house (phone +49-(0)33089-43022) with marine fishing, fish restaurant, fish diner, fish-selling. Furthermore, you can visit the ruins of the former Cistercian monastery. Those who are full of good hope can submit their Christmas wish list at the Christmas post office (which has been established due to the town's name: Himmelpfort(e) = gates of heaven).

Lychen Townlake Jetty (ca. 40 km)
After the Himmelpfort lock you sail on the feeder river Woblitz to lake "Grosser Lychensee" (great lake of Lychen). This wonderfully beautiful stretch leads through wide forests with beeches and alders. After this, you should definitely moor at Lychen townlake jetty (phone +49-(0)160-6506586). The town of Lychen lies like an island between seven lakes. Only two of those lakes are open for motorboating: 'Grosser Lychensee' and 'Stadtsee' (townlake) where you can also land. Attractions worth seeing are the log driving museum and the remainders of the historical town wall.

Fürstenberg (ca. 40 km)
Marina Fürstenberg: phone +49-(0)33093-39203
Coming from Himmelpfort, you can also set a course directly across lake Stolpsee for Fürstenberg. You can conveniently moor at the "Yachtclub Fürstenberg" ot at the marina of Fürstenberg. Here will also find good shopping facilities. The tourist information offers guided city walks or a visit at the "Brandenburgisches Forstmuseum" (Brandenburg forestry museum). In Fürstenberg there is also the concentration camp memorial site Ravensbrück.

Wolfsbruch (ca. 50 km)
Marina Wolfsbruch (phone +49-(0)33921-88711)
Neatly kept hotel complex including public swimming bath with waterslide.

Rheinsberg (ca. 50 km)
Harbour Village Rheinsberg (phone +49-(0)33931-39390)
Rheinsberg shines with the well-known Castle Rheinsberg and the beautifully arranged park, the Tucholsky museum, the ceramic museum and, of course, the famous ceramic manufactories. In summer, the Chamber Opera Castle Rheinsberg takes place. After an extensive stroll, Cafés and Restaurants in the lovely streets, alleys and places invite you to a refreshment. The small town Zechlin near Rheinsberg is embedded in a picturesque scenery. Interesting exhibitions are presented at the Rheinsberg church. The fisherman's cottage of Zechlin offers 10 guest berths. Phone +49-(0)33923 70530

Rechliner See (ca. 70 km)
Camping site at the great lake "Rechliner See". Phone +49-(0)33923-71017

Neustrelitz (ca. 70 km)
City port Neustrelitz at lake "Zierker See". Phone +49-(0)3981-262996
When approaching thorugh the "Kammerkanal" canal, please pay attention to the height of the railway bridge (3.50 m). The City port of Neustrelitz (with a very nice Café in the storehouse) is a good starting point for an exploration of the environment. Not far away are the historical town centre and the castle garden where attractive open-air events are taking place in summer.

Mirow (ca. 70 km)
City port Mirow (phone +49-(0)151-2159 1433)
Worth seeing: the thatched boat houses and the castle complex.

Röbel at Lake Müritz (ca. 80 km)
City port Röbel (phone +49-(0)160-2361557)
Attention: Do not take shortcuts during your trip, always stick with the buoyage, the water gets very shallow and stony!
In Röbel you can enjoy a Müritz thermal bath with waterslide, or climb the tower of Saint Marien church. The tourist information and an exhibition of the town history are located in the "Haus des Gastes" (house of the guest).

Sietow at Lake Müritz (ca. 90 km)
(phone +49-(0)39931-8710)
Largest Himalaya crystal salt cave in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Waren at Lake Müritz (ca. 100 km)
Moor at city port Waren (phone +49-(0)3991-666754). Waren is a small town with many tourists visiting, a historic district worth seeing, the Müritz museum, varied gastronomy and a lot of shopping facilities.

Malchow (ca. 110 km)
City port Malchow (phone +49-(0)399-3280893
Guests interested in the history of this place might want to visit the old swingbridge, the monastery complex, the GDR museum and the organ museum.

Marina "Plau am See" (ca. 120 km)
(phone +49-(0)387-3545539)

Waterwayfarer's Resting Place at Plau am See (ca. 120 km)
(phone +49-(0)387-3545050).

Lübz (ca. 130 km)
City marina Lübz (phone +49-(0)38731-22428)
In the beertown Lübz it is recommendable to take an extensive tour of the brewery and, better before that, to visit the planetarium and the lift bridge. You can be berthed very calmly in a small, idyllic city port.

Parchim (ca. 140 km)
Waterwayfarer's Resting Place Parchim (phone +49-(0)3871-621700)
The medieval townscape is characterized by half-timber houses and plastered streets. Worth seeing are the brick churches Saint Marien and Saint Georgen.

Schwerin (ca. 170 km)
Schwerin Sailing Club (phone +49-(0)385-565079)
The town castle is something to be seen. Also the adorable gardens between the historic district and the lakes. Being a larger town, Schwerin offers good shopping facilities.