Tour Rheinsberg 2

Proposals for 7-day trips by boat or yacht (without boating licence)
Mildenberg – Fürstenberg – Neustrelitz – Rheinsberg

Day 1 – taking charge of the yacht:
Dinner at the “Alter Hafen” inn, overnight stay at the marina “Alter Hafen”.

Day 2 – trip to lake Schwedtsee near Fürstenberg and mooring at the marina “Alter Hafen”:
On the way there, stopping for a bath at lake Stolpsee; sightseeing tour of Fürstenberg; dinner in one of the local restaurants.

Day 3 – continuation of the journey towards Rheinsberg:
Destination lake Zootzensee (one of the most clean and clear lakes of Germany), anchoring at the lakeshore.

Day 4 – bath day:
Onward journey around noon to Rheinsberg, mooring at the yacht port Rheinsberg or, shortly before that, at the boat city “Hafendorf Rheinsberg”.
Restaurant tip: the “Seehof” in Rheinsberg (reservation required); stroll through town.
This town is particulary famous for its castle, the Kurt Tucholsky literature museum, as well as the Chamber Opera in the summer season.

Day 5 – back to beautiful lake Zootzensee:
Bath day and overnight stay in a quiet bay.

Day 6 – cast off for destination Priepert:
Either moor at the marina or anchor at lake Ellbogensee. Nice and quiet bay with bathing facilities.

Day 7 – early start, destination Alter Hafen:
Final dinner at the inn of Alter Hafen and overnight stay.
Before that, refuelling at the yacht port Mildenberg, around 200 metres from Alter Hafen.

Day 8 – surrender of the yacht