Tour Fürstenberg 1

Proposals for 3-day trips by boat or yacht (without boating licence)
Mildenberg – Himmelpfort – Fürstenberg – Templin – Kuhwallsee – Mildenberg

Tag 1: Depending on the traffic situation on the Havel, it takes around 5 hours for the route from Mildenberg to Himmelpfort at lake Stolpsee, including the 4 locks to be passed. At the Regow lock you can provide yourselves with regional products of the goat cheese factory.

In case of wind we recommend to come to a landing pier near the watergate. The boat house of Himmelpfort is also very convenient. Located right beside it is the “Fischer” with fresh offerings from river and sea.

In the small, idyllic place Himmelpfort you can visit the ruins of the former Cistercian monastery with cloister garden and herbary. Also Santa Claus’ post office is located in Himmelpfort.

About an hour’s trip away lies the town Fürstenberg.

Tag 2: On the second day the return voyage begins. It takes you from Rheinsberg directly in the direction of Mildenberg. Behind the Schorfheide lock you go on towards Templin. A stop at the city port of Templin is recommended. This attractive town is encircled by an almost intact town wall. The many small shops, pubs and restaurants in the inner city invite you to stroll around and to pause.

In case of bad weather, which we hope will not occur, a visit at the “Naturtherme” (natural thermal bath) seems the thing to do.

Day 3: The trip from Templin to Mildenberg takes about 4-5 hours. If there is enough time you could drop anchor at the idyllic forest lake “Großer Kuhwallsee”. From there, Mildenberg is reached in about 1.5 hours.

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